RADTOBERFEST is Here!  Get excited for the 3rd Annual RADTOBERFEST.  RADPAC challenges YPS, Residents and Attendings to compete for prizes and to attend the RADPAC reception at RSNA.  For more details:

Why Give? Watch our new Video:

Thanks to all who attended the RADPAC Annual Reception and Gala at the 2016 ACR Annual Meeting.  For more pictures, click here:

Members of the Resident Fellow Section at the ACR 2016 RADPAC Annual Reception.  

Want more information on RADPAC?  Click here for the RADPAC Infograph:  RADPAC 2016 InfoGraph

RADPAC  is the #2 Physician Political Action Committee:  MADPAC 2015 Results

March Madness is Over!  Congrats to the winning states: Who won RADPAC March Madness

  • Division A:  Rhode Island
  • Division B:  Iowa
  • Division C:  South Carolina
  • Division D:  Wisconsin

For more information go to:  RADPAC March Madness

Interested in RADPAC Statistics?  Read the 2015 Annual Report:  Annual Report 2015 

Superbowl 2016 RADPAC Giveaway: Congrats to the winner of the 2016 Superbowl Sunday RADPAC Giveaway, Dr. Jody Lee, from Houston, Texas!  Thanks for your support - she won a $100 gift certificate to NFL.COM! 

WHY I Give Video Contest:  RADPAC is happy to announce the winner of our “Why I Give” video contest. The RADPAC Board reviewed all the videos and picked a winner during its meeting at RSNA. The winner is Dr. Nicole Saphier, and she won a $200 Amazon Gift Card.

Click Here to watch:  WhyIGiveNicole Saphier

RADPAC on Social Media: Have you signed up to follow RADPAC on Facebook? Click the link here to get up to the minute updates on RADPAC on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/rad.pac.3 or on twitter @RADPAC.
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