Thanks to all who attended the RADPAC Annual Reception and Gala at the 2016 ACR Annual Meeting.  For more pictures, click here:

Members of the Resident Fellow Section at the ACR 2016 RADPAC Annual Reception.  

Want more information on RADPAC?  Click here for the RADPAC Infograph:  RADPAC 2016 InfoGraph

RADPAC  is the #2 Physician Political Action Committee:  MADPAC 2015 Results

March Madness is Over!  Congrats to the winning states: Who won RADPAC March Madness

  • Division A:  Rhode Island
  • Division B:  Iowa
  • Division C:  South Carolina
  • Division D:  Wisconsin

For more information go to:  RADPAC March Madness

Interested in RADPAC Statistics?  Read the 2015 Annual Report:  Annual Report 2015 

Superbowl 2016 RADPAC Giveaway: Congrats to the winner of the 2016 Superbowl Sunday RADPAC Giveaway, Dr. Jody Lee, from Houston, Texas!  Thanks for your support - she won a $100 gift certificate to NFL.COM! 

WHY I Give Video Contest:  RADPAC is happy to announce the winner of our “Why I Give” video contest. The RADPAC Board reviewed all the videos and picked a winner during its meeting at RSNA. The winner is Dr. Nicole Saphier, and she won a $200 Amazon Gift Card.

Click Here to watch:  WhyIGiveNicole Saphier

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